The Sacred Everyday Library

Hello, friends. Come into my own little library, and let me start by saying welcome, and thank you so much for your support! It changes my life in ways that you cannot imagine, and it gives me courage to keep showing up and putting words and resources out in the world. I offer up this little space as a humble thank you, and my sincere hope is that you may find something that can help you on your journey to your own sacred everyday life. I have split up these resources into two categories: Journaling (which includes my 6-week journaling course and personal journaling retreats), and Creative Family Culture (which includes our Paper Doll Club Coloring Book, a 3-week creative arts curriculum for the whole family, and a whimsical printable coloring and activity book). Enjoy! And thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Innermost Journaling: Mining the Depths of Your Sacred Everyday Life is a six-week video journaling course I designed to teach you how to use your journal to connect with the beauty and meaning behind the rituals of your everyday life. Each week begins with a new theme that will jumpstart your thinking, get you inspired, and motivate you to write down the rich details of your life. Each themed chapter is followed by six daily writing prompts that you can work through at your own pace. All you need is 10-15 minutes a day to experience the life-changing practice of journaling. I will guide you through the entire process, day by day, giving you clear, concise instructions for bringing your pages to life. At the end of six weeks, you will walk away with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind journal that uniquely expresses who you are in your own handwriting and with your own original thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Your innermost. And you will also leave with a deeper connection to the greater story of your life. 

Most of the time, I do not even know what I think or feel until I write it out. I have often thought that journaling is a way of taking thoughts captive, and once you see thoughts on paper, you can see them for what they are—truth or lies, something to hold onto, or something to let go.

I would like to invite you to experience this process with me in this personal journaling retreat. Clear an hour of your busy schedule, make yourself a pot of tea, grab a journal and a pen, and hit play on this podcast-style retreat. I’ll walk you through the process of listening, responding, and surrendering the words that are waiting for you there.

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Grief and Beauty: A Sacred Everyday Video Retreat
In this retreat, I invite you to pause, take a breath, and look into your heart, and to search it out for the grief and longing that you find there. This is an invitation to find gratitude, joy, and a life of beauty in the midst of grief and loss.

Paper Doll Club Printable Coloring Book

Eight years ago, Rosie, Paloma and I started a six-month project on my blog called The Paper Doll Club. Each Monday, we uploaded our drawings of original paper dolls that could be printed, colored, cut-out and loved. All of our kids love paper dolls and and/or paper toys, and we had a great time making them and sharing. At the end of six months, we compiled our favorites and made a printable 43-page coloring book. You can download it for free here.

Wishing you could gather up your family together and do something meaningful?  Do you love the idea of art and creative play, but don’t know where to begin or how to teach it?  Are you looking for something easy, with little-to-no preparation required and no previous experience needed to teach it?  Great!  Jump in with me and get started on these 15 easy-to-implement, fun-for-the-whole-family activities. Your free 3-week Creative Arts Curriculum for at-home-learning is mapped out in this post.  All of these ideas can be completed using materials you likely already have around your house and in your backyard and are adaptable for all ages.  It only takes a little bit of effort to delight a child.  Pick your favorite idea to start, don’t overthink it, and enjoy!

Download this whimsical 18-page coloring and activity book that will encourage creative play and storytelling. Perfect for all ages, see how each child interprets these creative exercises in his/her own way. Show and tell and celebrate the unique artistry of each child.