New Video Series: One-Minute Read-Alouds

Dear Friends, I have begun a new video series called One-Minute Read-Alouds on my Instagram page. Sending out words of hope and inspiration for 30 days through this project, and I hope they are encouragement to you! Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can click on the picture above to see them….

Fear, Regret, and a Bridge to Peace

Can I be honest? Sometimes my everyday life does not feel sacred. Sometimes the music of my life sounds more like noise than song. Existence is exhausting. It feels routine in the most uninspired way. Drained of joy and beauty. Life feels like hard work that is never-ever-ever-ever going to get done. It feels scary….

The Everyday Page

Ok, I am finally doing something with my writing!  Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me about my posts over the last few years.  I love writing.  It has been a major part of my life since I started journaling in earnest at the age of 15.  Every creative idea I have ever had started…

Living Conversation

I love words.  They are not perfect, because they aren’t really the things themselves:  the word “chicken” is not a chicken, it is just some scribbled lines on paper.  The word “angry” is not an emotion, it is just a symbol for the feeling.  The word “fragrant” is not the actual smell of gardenias, it…

Handmade Day #8: The Flapper Cap

Hats for Sale! Straight out of a silent movie, here is a vintage-inspired asymmetrical crocheted cap that is snug and cozy and one-of-a-kind. Click to check it out and other handmade treasures in our etsy shop. And stay tuned for new items added every day for the 15 Days of Handmade Challenge.

Handmade Day #2: The Snowball Hat and The Marigold Hat

Today I made a couple of hats–a child’s hat (modeled here by the lovely Rosie), and an adult-sized burnt orange hat with soft yellow trim. Click on the photo to take a look at my etsy shop and see jewelry, handmade books, and hats. More coming every day for the remaining 15 Days of Handmade…