My New Book: Chapter 2 Read Aloud (Podcast #35)

I have been looking so forward to today, knowing I would be reading the next chapter of my book, The Sacred Everyday: A Search for the Exquisite Beauty of an Ordinary Life. This book does not yet exist in print form, and you can only find it here on my podcast, where I’m releasing these…

New Video Series: One-Minute Read-Alouds

Dear Friends, I have begun a new video series called One-Minute Read-Alouds on my Instagram page. Sending out words of hope and inspiration for 30 days through this project, and I hope they are encouragement to you! Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can click on the picture above to see them….

Poem at 2 a.m.

Oh the fragility of earthly life,an unrehearsed songachingly sweet,carried on the windsof a broken worldon butterfly wings. Oh my soulwake up, and liveand sing out loud.The song of the spiritis a candle that cannot be put out.It is a poemmade of brilliant light,a recitationto be spokenin the middleof the darkest night.

This Morning I Was Born

This morning I was born. My mother struggled with birth until dawn. I went home in her arms. I cried. I slept. My eyes focused on her beautiful, ephemeral face, familiar somehow though I had never seen it before. While she was getting pancakes on the table, I bounced on my sister’s knee. I listened…

Dress-up Tea Party, Creative Family Idea Box (Day # 3)

  You know what I love about tea parties?  All you need is some hot water, a couple of tea bags, and some imagination, and you have an instant party that can make any old day feel special.  Yesterday morning, I decided to throw a spontaneous Dress-Up Tea Party for breakfast, and it literally changed…