Joy and Sorrow (How Does Your Garden Grow)

It still hits me in waves. Not like it did last spring.  When my little garden was blooming and sheets of rain came down steadily day after day.  I drank tea in the music room and looked out over the mint and the marigolds and all the beautiful shimmering living things growing there in the…


You can’t slow it down.  No matter how much you want this moment of just-after-rain-shimmer, when the baby is still sleeping and the kids are still in the backyard, preoccupied with the change of the world under the influence of a spring shower, you can’t keep it.  You can’t stop it.  You can’t slow it…

The Daily Turn #29: On any other day we would have been strangers

On any other day we would have been strangers,moving like slow ants along the same linefrom the grocery store door to the car.But today, in full heat and sweltering sunwe were thrust suddenlyinto great drops of unexpected rain,and we all became childrenrunning to carsumbrellaless,laughing as we passedon the street.

The Daily Turn #17: What Does a Poet Do All Day?

What does a poet do all day?I can only speculate,but have the feelingthat in this particular thick Georgia summer,it has something to dowith cataloging the daily intensitiesof rain.He studies and recordsin a landscape ofbuckets and beakers,prisms and pyrex(for the sake of the future),the effects of rainon the fragranceand colorof the world.

The Daily Turn #7: Human

After a long day ofrealizing I am human–Meeting and failing to meetneeds that rise likeGreat ocean wavesand fall and break andpull everything underwith a force that coulddrown you.How insignificant I seem,standing in their wake–looking out fromthe blistering shoreto where the golden horizondrops off the edge of the world.You could never swim there if you tried….