Handmade Day #4: Josephine Knot Guitar String Bracelet (Women’s)

Rock and Roll with just the right amount of sweetness and sincerity. Randy makes these beautiful bracelets, using a Celtic lover’s knot called The Josephine Knot. Click the image to check it out and lots of other cool handmade stuff in our etsy shop. We are posting new items every day for our 15 Days…

Home, a cd of love and family songs by The Josephine Knot now available!

The happy day is here!  Cds are available for purchase and/or download on our website www.thejosephineknot.com   To hear the amazing story of this album, read our post: Miracles Still Happen: How a dream came true for two struggling musicians.  And as always, thank you from the bottom or our intertwined hearts for your support!