Dream Come True

Four years ago today, Randy and I had a dream come true moment. Do you remember this? In 2011, we started an indiegogo campaign to raise money to record The Seven Year Scratch (later titled Home), an album of love and family songs we had written to one another over the course of our relationship….

Home, a cd of love and family songs by The Josephine Knot now available!

The happy day is here!  Cds are available for purchase and/or download on our website www.thejosephineknot.com   To hear the amazing story of this album, read our post: Miracles Still Happen: How a dream came true for two struggling musicians.  And as always, thank you from the bottom or our intertwined hearts for your support!  

Family Love, A Study in Mathematics

People keep asking me if we are going to have more children.  The question ranks up there–probably around number 4–on the list of my daily-smalltalk-with-a-pregnant-woman chart.  {(1)”How much longer?”( 2) “How are you feeling?”  (3)”Are you so ready to have that baby…?” topping the chart…}  The top three questions are easy to answer.  {(1)”I have…