Handmade Day #5: Asymmetrical Baggy Hat for Girls

Anything would look pretty on this little girl! Paloma models this asymmetrical hat for girls, a one-of-a-kind, sweet little design that would be perfect for keeping someone you love warm this winter. Click the image to see hats, journals, jewelry, and more on our etsy shop, and stay posted for new items we are posting…

Handmade Day #4: Josephine Knot Guitar String Bracelet (Women’s)

Rock and Roll with just the right amount of sweetness and sincerity. Randy makes these beautiful bracelets, using a Celtic lover’s knot called The Josephine Knot. Click the image to check it out and lots of other cool handmade stuff in our etsy shop. We are posting new items every day for our 15 Days…

Handmade Day #3: The Baby Bear Hat

Just try to resist this little face. Kells, my living teddy bear, models today’s handmade item. Click on the image to see more pics and to browse my etsy shop. I am making new, one-of-a-kind items every day for the 15 Days of Handmade.

Handmade Day #2: The Snowball Hat and The Marigold Hat

Today I made a couple of hats–a child’s hat (modeled here by the lovely Rosie), and an adult-sized burnt orange hat with soft yellow trim. Click on the photo to take a look at my etsy shop and see jewelry, handmade books, and hats. More coming every day for the remaining 15 Days of Handmade…

15 Days of Handmade: Etsy Shop Reopens

Our etsy shop is back up and running!  Today I posted several new items–some hats, journals, and Randy’s awesome guitar string bracelets.   In celebration of the holidays, of friendship, love, and glue and paper, I am going to be posting a new item to my etsy shop every day for the next 15 days….