Entering a Year With Vision: How Do I Begin? (Podcast Episode #8)

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The Sacred Everyday
Entering a Year With Vision: How Do I Begin? (Podcast Episode #8)

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Each of us longs for a life that has purpose and meaning, the feeling that we are contributing to a greater story, that we are living out the reason for which we were created. Today, I invite you to sit down with me at my kitchen table, and let’s talk about how we begin to live a life of vision. How do we live on purpose, and not just let life happen to us? How do we get beyond the voices of fear, anxiety, regret, bitterness, disappointment, and overwhelm that make us want to hide under the covers and run away from the life that we have been given? How do we wake up bravely and find a life that is full of beauty, meaning, and ultimately makes an impact on this world? Join me in this episode, and let’s talk about how to begin a new year with vision.

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  1. Sarah R Samsel says:

    Thank you for sharing these wise words. Good ideas for the new year. Love, Sarah