Creative Family Advent and The Sacred Holy Mess of Motherhood (Podcast Episode 3)

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Creative Family Advent and The Sacred Holy Mess of Motherhood (Podcast Episode 3)

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It’s nearly December! I want to slow down this year, to gather all of my children around me, to enter into a sacred space of being together, creating new memories, relishing old traditions, and leaning deeply into the beauty and comfort of Christmas. In this episode, I invite you to embrace the sacred, holy mess of motherhood, to shift your focus from all the things that need to be checked off the to-do list, and to instead turn your heart to the beauty and wonder of celebrating Christmas with children. I’m also sharing some favorite ideas from my blog post, Creative Family Advent: 25 New Traditions for Savoring the Season. (Click to see the full post.) I would love for you to pull up a chair, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and talk it over with me at my kitchen table.

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Found Object Nativity Scene from The Creative Family Advent, Day 1
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