Innermost Journaling Session 6, The Yielded Journal: Offering Your Innermost as Prayer and Worship

Week 6 Journal Prompts

Before we start this week, I want to thank you for sticking with me through this course. What a pleasure and a privilege it has been to walk this road with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to talk to you as I would my very best friend, sitting across the desk, having a cup of tea with me. I appreciate you allowing me to be transparent and share my heart without reservation. This week is what it’s all about for me. This is the reason that I continue to write day after day. Even when I’m weary. Even when I’m overwhelmed. Even though I have so much to do every single moment of my life… I can’t not write. Because writing is my best communication with God. It is where I look into my heart and see what is there so that I can then offer that up to him in prayer and worship. I want to invite you to the next step in this transformative journaling practice. Yield it all to God.

Ready to get started?

Day 1: Write About a Person With Whom You Have a Complicated Relationship

Today, I’d like you to be brave, lean into intuition, and write about a person with whom you have a complicated relationship. Let your thoughts flow freely, write them down, and see what is there. When you are done, offer those thoughts to God. See what thoughts are good, what thoughts are not serving you, and feel free to scribble through lines or rip pages out. Give these words to God as a prayer for this relationship.

Day 2: Things I Long For/Things I Can’t Control
Today we are going to split our paper down the middle and make two columns. At the top of one column, I want you to write: Things I Long For. Be brave here. Write your heart out. At the top of the other column, write: Things I Can’t Control. Be honest and transparent as you fill out this list. When you are done, write a simple, one-line prayer giving these innermost thoughts to God.

Day 3: 100 Things I Am Thankful For

Today I want you to make a list of 100 things you are thankful for. Again, it doesn’t matter if these are big things or little things. Allow yourself to freely write whatever comes into your mind. Choose to be grateful today.

Day 4: On My Mind

Today, I want you to make a list of all the things you can think of that are weighing on your mind and heart. Personal, the problems of your family, community, the entire world… Be specific, and write down all the thoughts that are presenting themselves to you. At the end of your list, write a simple prayer offering these concerns up to God.

Day 5: Things I Have Overcome

Today, I want you to think back over your life and write about something (or some things) you have overcome. When you are finished, write a simple, one-line prayer of thankfulness for what God brought you through.

Day 6: Write Out a Prayer for Your Life

Today I want you to talk to God like a friend on the pages of your journal. Write out your prayer as you would write a letter to an intimate friend. Talk to God as you would talk to the person you have discovered here in the mirror of your journal.