Innermost Journaling Session 4: Memory Keepers

Day 1: Day in the Life

You are halfway through the course! Three weeks behind, three weeks ahead. I hope you are truly looking forward to your journaling time each day. This week, I encourage you again: Be a friend to yourself. You can do this by sharing openly and listening to what you have to say. Write to remember. Write to allow yourself to forget. This is your life. And you are free to keep whatever memories serve you best.

Let’s get started with this week’s writing prompt!

Today, you are going to paint a word-picture of a day in your life. Start with a typical morning, and write about your day, with as many details as you can include. You will treasure this peek into your life years down the road.

Day 2: Every Single Detail (Remembering Someone Who Is No Longer In Your Life)

Today I want you to think of someone who has passed away from your life. And I want you to write as many details as you can remember about this person. Remember the senses as you are calling up memories–they will help to spark some fresh details. This is a wonderful way to honor the memory of someone we love and miss.

Day 3: Sensory Memory

Today, I would like you to think of a memory that is deeply rooted in your senses. Think sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and see what memory comes to mind… (You may want to flip back to your sensory databank for inspiration.) Use that as a starting point and write your memory (or memories) down.

Day 4: The Gifts of Your Life

Today I want you to write about the gifts you have been given in your life. You can do this as stream-of-conscious, conversational writing, or you can make a list if you like. You are going to be looking back and thinking about the things you have been given.

Day 5: Last Meaningful Visit

Write about the last meaningful visit you had with someone. It could be a close friend or family member, or it could be an encounter with a stranger. Remember to use the senses in your memory, and to include details.

Day 6: Word-Snapshot of a Person You Love

Take a photo with words! I want you to think of someone you love, and describe him/her as if he/she is in a photograph. Where would this person be? Would he be sitting, standing, running…? What would she be wearing, doing, holding…? Create a photo of this beloved person in your mind, and describe the image on the page of your journal.