Host a Journaling Party

Dear friends,

I have some fun news! I have been praying over things I can offer that would be inspiring, community-building, and life-giving. I’ve have had some inspiration, and I’d love to invite you to be a part!

Through the summer months, I will be offering Journaling Parties to women who would like to host a group of 1-5 friends for a night of journaling, sharing, tea (or coffee), inspiration, and conversation.

This is how it works:

Choose Your Theme.

  1. Journaling from Zero: How to Begin a Life-giving Journal Practice
  2. Climbing In Through the Window: Creative Exercises for Entering Into the Journal in New, Inspiring Ways
  3. Bridge to Peace: Approaching Prayer and the Spiritual Life on the Pages of Your Journal

Invite Your Friends.

Send a quick message to 1-5 friends, asking if they would like to join you. You can choose friends who live locally for an in-person gathering or kindreds from all around the world for an online party.

Message Me for Booking

I will offer some available times and dates, you pick the one that works best for your group, and we will get it on the calendar. (Dates are limited, and I honestly never can predict what kind of response I will get, so if you are definitely interested, let me know sooner than later.) Party cost is $150.


At Party Time, gather with your friends (in person or virtually), and I will join you online for 90 minutes of inspired journaling. (If you live in northeast Georgia and would like to talk about a possible in-person party, shoot me a message.) We will talk, journal, share, and walk away from the evening with pages filled, heart full, a new inspiration for our journaling lives.

I am excited about the possibility of spending time with some of you in this Sacred Everyday Community. Thanks so much for being here with me!

To book a party or if you have questions questions, feel free to message me on facebook or instagram, or email me at

Sending love,