Meet Mackenzie

Hello! Welcome to The Sacred Everyday. I’m Mackenzie Chester, and this is a quiet little place that I have been building for many years. I hope you feel right at home.

The short story is this: I’m an author, artist, and podcaster who is looking for God in everything. I am on a search for the sacred beauty of ordinary life. I do a lot of searching with words. I write books and weekly letters, where I am always scratching away at the meaning behind this everyday existence.

The longer version of my life includes a love story, where I met and married a mad-scientist musician and we had nine children.

In the midst of feeding a houseful of wonderful people, homeschooling, carrying laundry baskets from one room to another, learning to be a mother and relearning who I am, I write. I type words on blog posts, I scribble frantic handwriting in journals. I write to understand my life. To move from despair and discontent to a life that is grateful and hopeful and chooses to look for God, even when it seems hard to find Him. I find Him in the ache and beauty of life. I write. I find him in the ocean waves of grief and sadness. I write. I find Him in the moment after a baby is born and joy wells up to overflowing. I write. I find Him in surrender. I write.

This blog is an immersion into the longer story of my life. My most sincere prayer is that God will use my life for his glory. And that this blog will leave you with hope. Thank you for stopping by.

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mackenzie Chester, the sacred everyday, a search for the exquisite beauty of an ordinary life, debut book, memoir,
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