Umbrellas Journal Now Available!

I have been wanting to design journals for many years. One of the blessings of learning to self-publish my book is that I also learned how to make journals. Today I am releasing my second in The Sacred Everyday Journal Series, and it is titled Umbrellas. The drawing on the cover is from one of my sketchbooks, drawn from a photograph of Rosie and Paloma at Laguna Beach on a beautiful, rainy day.

umbrellas journal cover by mackenzie chester

This is an 8×10 journal/sketchbook with alternating unlined and faint dot-grid pages, perfect for sketching, list-making, doodling, bullet-journaling, brain-dumping, quotes and note-taking, etc. I hope that it will be an inspiring place to pour out your heart.

If you missed it, I also have my first journal, Ocean Blue, available, which is based on the cover artwork of my new book. This 108-page journal has cream, unlined pages.

Ocean Blue Journal

Both journals are available on Amazon, or if you prefer to buy them from me directly, feel free to shop on my store page, and I will happily put your things in a package and ship them to you. Thanks so much for your support!

Stay tuned for more projects coming soon. The best way to stay up-to-date with books, journals, podcasts, and all the creative work we are doing as a family is to subscribe (below). Thanks for being here. Your presence means so much to me.