Moving into a Year with No Fear and No Regrets (Podcast #44)

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Moving into a Year with No Fear and No Regrets (Podcast #44)
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On the last day of the year, I reflect on 2022, thinking about how this year has been different, what I have learned and some of the milestones of this year. I share some of our own family rhythms that we’ve established this year that have been making home in a family with eight children feel more like a wonderful life. And as always, I am looking for God at work in our lives. I am also thinking of things I want to leave behind in 2022 and the things I am still hanging onto for dear life. I desperately desire to move into this new year with no fear and no regret and exchange these for hope and faith that is grounded in the goodness and mercy of God. Sharing these thoughts today, hoping they will encourage you on the eve of this New Year.

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