December Newsletter

Merry Christmastime, friends! I wanted to share a quick hello from my little office on a chilly Friday morning. I’m drinking a cup of Iced Lemon Poundcake Tea, and I have a day before me of writing and journaling, grocery shopping, decorating for Rosie’s 15th birthday this weekend, and a family evening of Christmas festivities in our little town. I love this time of year.

I have decided to try to do something fun every day of December. I’m letting a lot of our routine go, and I am focusing on trying to spend memory-making moments as a family. I’m trying to complete (for the first year ever!) my entire Creative Family Advent Calendar. If you would like to join me, click the image below.

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Creative Family Advent Calendar by Mackenzie Chester

We are having a creative revival in this house. Randy is on a roll with songwriting. I haven’t seen his creative fires burning this brightly in years. Looking forward to sharing these songs with you soon. And I even wrote a song a couple of weeks ago! And I’m learning to play it on the upright bass!!! It is a sweet little simple love song. I hope you are going to like it. And these children… I am amazed at how they are growing into their creative identities and all the beauty that flows out of their souls. This home is filled with music, with art and journal pages, with messes of paper snowflakes and origami, with books full of words that came straight from the hearts of the people I love most. I am in awe of the creative fires that are burning within the humble walls of this home. I will be sharing more about my family and the work they are doing in my weekly newsletter, Creative Family Culture with Mackenzie Chester. If you haven’t subscribed, please do by clicking here. I see this letter as a way of scrapbooking our family culture and documenting the creative work of the Chester clan.

I pray beauty over your lives today. Thank you for your presence in my life. You bless me by being here.

Merry Christmas. May it be merry and bright and full of the presence of Emmanuel, God with us.