Homeschool and Creative Family Culture (Podcast #41)

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Homeschool and Creative Family Culture (Podcast #41)

I don’t want my children to be simply entertained through life. I want them to show up for the purposes for which God has created them. I want them to do the things that only they can do. I want them to have the living conversations that can only come from their hearts and mouths. I want them to build the structures that can only come forth from their minds and hands. I want them to create those songs and paintings and drawings and phrases that put substance to the impressions that others feel but cannot themselves articulate. I believe in these little people. I learn from them. I see my greatest role as a mother and home-educator as this: Assuring my children that they were born for a unique purpose, praying and watching and listening as that purpose is revealed, and giving them the tools to become the people they are meant to be.

Information has never been cheaper. You can ask a robot anything and find the answer. But understanding the value of your one and only creative voice… Knowing that there are secrets inside you that cannot be found by typing a question in a search engine… I want these precious little people to know this truth intimately.

In today’s podcast, I share some thoughts on homeschool and how we use the structure of it to go deep into building a creative family culture. If any of these ideas speak to you, I’d love to know about it! I love hearing from you and what, in my writing and podcasts, speaks to you.

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Show Notes:

The Dreams of a Stranger (The miracle story of our house)

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