My Book Now Available!

UPDATE MARCH 29, 2023:

At the time I wrote this post, there was no physical copy of this book (only a read-aloud of an earlier version via podcast). But now the book, complete with text and illustrations, exists! You can find it here:


girl writing in journal, the sacred everyday, book by mackenzie chester, sketch with words, black and white drawing
The Sacred Everyday, A Search for the Exquisite Beauty of Ordinary Life by Mackenzie Chester

*At this time, there is no hard copy of this book. It is only available as a free audiobook. Read on for details!

Yesterday, I released my first book. On the outside, it looked like a normal day. Breakfast, homeschooling, lunch, book club, music lessons, supper, laundry, going to sleep with a baby in my arms. But in the quiet spaces, I hit the publish button on the final chapter.

It really happened. I wrote a book. I gave it to the world. Dream come true.

There were moments in the blur of bringing eight children into the world and learning how to mother them where it felt like I would never have the time, energy, or brain power to realize the dream that was so deeply set in my heart.

But the day has come! My book is now available, and I would love to invite you into my story.

This is a book about finding God in everything. It is called The Sacred Everyday, A Search for the Exquisite Beauty of Ordinary Life. You can listen for free on my podcast, where I’ve released it exclusively as an audiobook, one chapter at a time. (Each image below will take you to a different chapter.)

If you listen and like it, I’d love to hear what themes or chapters speak to you. And if you love it, would you please share with a friend?

Thank you for bearing witness to my life. My hope is that these words and stories will draw you deeper into the beauty of our God, who is in every detail and can be found in every moment. He makes the sacred, everyday.



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