Questions at 2 a.m. (Chapter 5 Read Aloud of The Sacred Everyday Book) Podcast #38

The Sacred Everyday
The Sacred Everyday
Questions at 2 a.m. (Chapter 5 Read Aloud of The Sacred Everyday Book) Podcast #38
drawing of girl in bed in dark, words, scribbles, black and white, pencil drawing, journal, sketchbook, questions in the middle of the night, art by Mackenzie Chester

If you find yourself lying awake at 2 a.m. asking questions that seem to have no answers, this episode is for you. Many of these reflections were written in the dead of night, stealing out of my dark bedroom, making my way to the kitchen table to pour out my heart to God, to empty out my own desires, and to ask for wisdom, for vision, for mercy, and the grace to move forward one more step. If you can’t stop having conversations in your head, if you can’t see an end to the hopelessness all around you, if you can’t bear the relentless weight of questions that press in on all sides, I hope that you will find these words quietly illuminating, and that they will help you through this dark night.

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ps. I like time-lapse drawings… Here is one of me drawing this week’s image. If you want to see more of these, join me on Instagram or Facebook. I spend one morning a week sharing there and would love to meet you there.

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