My New Book: Chapter 2 Read Aloud (Podcast #35)

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My New Book: Chapter 2 Read Aloud (Podcast #35)
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I have been looking so forward to today, knowing I would be reading the next chapter of my book, The Sacred Everyday: A Search for the Exquisite Beauty of an Ordinary Life. This book does not yet exist in print form, and you can only find it here on my podcast, where I’m releasing these words into the world, chapter by chapter, one week at a time. Thank you so much for listening to and being a part of my story. And to all who have reached out to tell me you loved chapter 1, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Here is a quick excerpt from today’s read-aloud.

“God is doing a slow work in me.  So many days it feels like nothing is happening.  Like my life, which once seemed so useful and productive, is making zero impact on the world.  The days when life was defined by an impressive string of accomplishments are lost somewhere at the bottom of the laundry pile.  There are moments when the words, ‘three meals a day’ can actually strike a chord of terror in my heart.  I can actually see them: hundreds of thousands of meals that I will be responsible for, stretching out into eternity.  Sometimes it feels like all I do is fail miserably at trying to maintain a messy house.  Like the crowning achievement of my life would be to mop the kitchen floor…”  

I wrote these lines in the throes of young motherhood, and when I reread them, I still remember the way motherhood displaced me.  I was not a natural. I often felt lost, unable to define who I was or to what purpose I had been called.  Fifteen years in, I see that motherhood has worked itself into the very nature of my being.  That it has taught me more about the love and kindness of God than anything else.  This week I’m share a chapter called Slow Work, all about motherhood, living into a season, and surrender. I hope you find some words that help you speak your own heart here.

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