Overcoming Fear (Podcast #33)

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Overcoming Fear (Podcast #33)
overcoming fear podcast by the sacred everyday, mackenzie chester

I have dealt with paralyzing fear for much of my life. As a child and a teenager, when I fell in love, became a wife, when I became a mother, when I wanted to follow dreams in my heart that were impractical and deeply rooted in my soul–every step of the way, fear has steadily whispered in my ear how much this was going to cost me. He always offered me an easier way. A safer road. Slowly, season by season, I have learned that I do not like the kind of life that fear offers me. I want a life that is rich and full and is brimming over with the stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness. I have come to see that if I am too busy hiding in a safe, comfortable corner of my life, I will never see the vast beauty around me. If I am too afraid of what could happen if I actually pursue the kind of life that stirs in my soul, I will surely never even catch a glimpse of it. Of all the things I fear, this is the actual tragedy that 100% could have been avoided–missing out on the length and breadth and height and depth of God’s love because I was too afraid to walk out into the light of day. In today’s episode, I share stories about my life, and how God has helped me (and continues to help me) overcome fear with small acts of obedience and faith.

Show Notes:

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