Birth, Motherhood, and Wholehearted Surrender (Podcast #32)

The Sacred Everyday
The Sacred Everyday
Birth, Motherhood, and Wholehearted Surrender (Podcast #32)
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Image of Heidi’s birth journal with lyrics from Wave After Wave by Iona.

I have written a lot about birth on this blog. God has used it like nothing else in my life as a metaphor for wholehearted surrender. In today’s podcast, I share a bit about birth, about surrendering hopes, surrendering regrets, surrendering fears, and ultimately surrendering our whole hearts to God. I hope this is an encouragement to you. If you listen and want to share with me a part that meant something to you, I’d love to know about it. Message me or leave a comment on my instagram or facebook pages. Thanks so much for having these conversations with me.



Show Notes:
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Blog post with images from Heidi’s birth journal

Heidi’s birth story

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