Nothing is Wasted: Motherhood and the Surrendered Life (Podcast #29)

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Nothing is Wasted: Motherhood and the Surrendered Life (Podcast #29)

When I look back over what I dreamed my life would be 19 years into my marriage, I could not have imagined the impact motherhood would have on me. So many of the goals and aspirations of my life have shifted and refocused themselves into the everyday rhythms and rituals of raising a family and faithfully living out one day at a time. When we stood in my Daddy’s garden and said, “I do,” we had no idea what we were really doing. We could not begin to forsee the life we were building together. In this episode, I’m sharing thoughts seeking the kingdom, living a life of vision, and allowing God to lead step by step. And how for me, this journey has been so much about surrendering deeper and deeper to the call of motherhood.

Show Notes:

The Woman and the Seed: A Parable (Read Aloud)

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