my heart trembles and sings

my own dear child
eyes of bluest bright, alight
body in holy motion
brimming over with lifesong
and the beating, beating, beating heart
beautiful breath
that flows inside you
like a melody
for the gift of your love
and living presence
my heart trembles
and sings

drawing, black and white, monochrome, siblings, brother and sister, baby and big sister, girl with braids, memory

(This is the image I saw outside my office window as I was writing this poem about our little Haven, who had just come home from his life-flight to the Children’s Hospital to remove a thin metal disk that was lodged in his esophagus. Shaky with gratitude for his irreplaceable life, I looked up from my writing and saw Paloma stepping out into the yard with the baby in her arms. I made a quick photograph to remember this moment and to draw it later, so thankful for this love that we share. )

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