Motherhood Begins With Surrender

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Motherhood begins with surrender.
For the sake of love, yes,
but surrender all the same
the body the mind the soul the spirit
bends to the body that breaks open
the womb, the silent seed
that buries itself into the earth
of the secret place within

If birth isn’t surrender
Forget everything I’ve ever said
Or don’t you remember when all you could do
was stay alive
while the waves broke over your body
to bring this baby to the shore
of a new world

Motherhood is the surrender of plans
Of dreams of hopes great and small
Of sleep and a certain kind of freedom
To go where you want when you want how you want
To hold a picture in your mind of who you truly are

It is adding another set of desires to your own desires.
It is calling up a radiant hope for another life.
It is seeing a life flashing before your eyes that is not your own life
And knowing that no matter how hard you try to do everything right
This child will walk in a broken world
And you still have to learn to surrender him back up to God
Day by breaking day, night by waking night

And this surrender is good.
Because it is for the sake of love.

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