Sometimes Small Hopes Die

Mackenzie chester, the sacred everyday, drawing, black and white, sketch, small hopes die, grief, mourning, hope, beauty

Sometimes small hopes die. And there is a grief that comes to us that cannot be measured by reason. A future that has lived in the illuminated imagination of the mind is set backward in time and exists only in shadowy remembrance.

Upon the sunrising, we are met with a difficult choice: To live in a past that only existed as an unrealized future, or to seek, with relentless resolve and resentless faith, the solid beauty of the breaking day.

Dear friends,

I am sending hope for a new day out to any of you who may be dealing with the dying of a small dream for your future. No one else can truly understand another’s sorrow. Praying these words are an encouragement to you as you seek out the solid beauty of this breaking day.



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