Family Rhythms: Homeschool (Podcast #25)

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Family Rhythms: Homeschool (Podcast #25)

When Randy and I first started homeschooling, it was because we wanted the flexibility of having our children with us. We imagined traveling, playing music, and bringing our children along… Life shifted as we had more children and we began to restructure our life within the comfort of home. As our children and family size have grown (we now have eight children ages 9 months to 14), so has our philosophy of education. I have tried lots of programs and ideas, read lots of books, and immersed myself into many different homeschool methods. If you asked a dozen home educators to tell you about their week, you would get a dozen different answers. That is the beauty of learning at home. It has shown me, like nothing else, that there is not one prefabricated structure that is best for all families. Truly, as I have prayed through the vision of homeschooling my children, season by season, I have looked out on a vast landscape of possibility. In this episode, I am sharing what our week as a homeschooling family looks like. A year from now, I am sure we will have new routines! But today, I welcome you to sit down with me over a cup of coffee for a glimpse into our current family rhythms of life and learning.

Show Notes:

Favorite Homeschool Resources:

I Saw the Angel in the Marble by Chris Davis (*I thought it was out of print, but I was wrong!)

Life With Sally (Sally Clarkson’s Podcast)

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