The Memory and Promise of Light

There are moments, in the middle of the night, when the electricity of current events sends a shockwave through my sleeping body and wakes me, wide-eyed and shaken. What is going to happen to this broken world?

I see myself, gathering my children around me like the mother in a fairy tale, walking into a wood, thick with darkness. As we go deeper, the light seems to disappear and leaves us groping our way forward.

Dear children, we must press on through the darkness with an ever-kindled hope. There is a beautiful world on the other side.

Hope is not blind. Even in the deepest of darks, it discerns the next step. When there is no step illuminated, hope sees by the mere memory of light. We look back to remember God’s faithfulness, and in this turning backward, we are moving forward by the sight of faith.

The promises of God are luminescent. They lie, hidden, scattered through every shadowed forest and are activated by the Word read, spoken, believed.

The wood is not the only world. And though we may find ourselves lost and uncertain, and at times afraid of the dark, hope and promise will light the way to lead us safely home.

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