The Climax of a Real Story

The climax of a real story is always moving
growing up
becoming a mother
getting the kids to bed so you can finally sit down for the evening
hitting send to the publisher after a decade of writing
getting the kitchen clean after breakfast

In stories, there is one climax. And then there is the hope of sustained joy.
There isn’t time for the mini-dramas of the everyday
There is only time for the two-hour special
The one big problem, overcome
against all odds
where love comes shining through
and saves the day

But this
is the climax of your story.
Whether you are sitting in grief
Or surrounded by those you hold dear
Because you
And your body is activated by the sacred breath of beautiful life
Spirit housed by flesh and bone
And this is the moment that touch
Can be reciprocated
You are not a lifeless body
But body soul and spirit
Moving as one

The day is yours
This moment, a gift.
There is no time for fear or regret.

If you want to understand your life
You must recognize this:
This moving moment
Is the most important moment
Of your unfinished story.

So take a deep breath,
be brave,
and live.

Sending this poem out today with love,


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