Journaling: Where Do I Begin? (Podcast #23)

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The Sacred Everyday
Journaling: Where Do I Begin? (Podcast #23)

Have you always wanted to keep a journal but haven’t known where to start? Maybe you have a stack of journals that you started and never finished. Maybe you are a journaler who is currently uninspired. If so I hope you will find this podcast a jumpstart to a transformative journaling practice. Journaling is the process through which I examine, pray through, and come to understand the beauty in my everyday life. It is the intersection of my creative and spiritual life. Every good idea I have ever had started as a scribbled sentence on the pages of my journals. In this episode, I hope you will see that journaling is easier than you ever thought it could be. And that you will be inspired to start today.

Show Notes:

Want to journal with me? Join me on Patreon to for access to 6 live group sessions of my journaling course on Zoom. The Journaling Circle is a kindred gathering for inspiration and conversation over tea and open journals. Hope to see you there!

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