Storm on the Horizon

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We spent a glorious four days at the seashore. We walked, we ran, we swam, we splashed. We saw the water tame and the water wild. We saw the sunrise and sunset. We saw the first sliver of moon over the dark waters.

I held my newborn baby in the wind and sun and salty air. I held the hands of my children as they danced along the shore in the shimmer and sparkle of white sands with buried treasures.

We watched the storm on the horizon, and I couldn’t help but see it as a metaphor for the season before us. How will we navigate the waters of this world that are so uncertain, so dark and tempestuous, so deep and unrelenting in their breaking? How will we stand against the current of fear that would pull us under and out to sea?

Oh my soul, I am reminding you now: Look to the Word of God. The Word made flesh. Emmanuel, God with us.

Standing on the shore, we see his beauty. The One who formed the deep and upturns the mighty waters is also, with a word, able to hush and still the wind and waves.

Take heart. Our God is with us.

I want to leave you with this song that my husband, Randy, wrote a couple of weeks ago. It gives me courage and hope. And I pray it will do the same for you.

Sending love and hope and all the shining beauty of the seashore,


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