Embracing Every Season of Motherhood (Podcast #17)

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Embracing Every Season of Motherhood (Podcast #17)
embracing every season of motherhood, motherhood, Mackenzie chester, the sacred everyday, podcast

Sharing Pitter Patter, a song that I wrote when my first babies were small, as well as thoughts about becoming a woman who embraces motherhood at every stage. This photo is my breathtakingly beautiful mother, age 43, holding me, her ninth child. I learned so much from her example. Talking about finding gratitude, praying for vision, choosing to be present instead of looking ahead in fear or behind in regret.

Show Notes:
You can listen to Pitter Patter and download our full album (and our other music) here:

mackenzie chester, Randy Chester, the josephine knot, 4 and 20 blackbirds, Randy and Mackenzie Chester, band, husband and wife duo
Album cover for Randy and Mackenzie Chester’s “Home” (The Josephine Knot)

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