When Every Choice Is Too Hard (Podcast #16)

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When Every Choice Is Too Hard (Podcast #16)

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“I am just trying to figure out my life, one day at a time.  I am just trying to discern which direction to walk.  I desperately want a clear path to follow.  Someone to hand me a map and say, “Here.  This is your life.  You will maximize it if you take this road, turn here, cross the river here.  Look out for this.  Make sure to stop and enjoy the view from this point…”  But in reality, no one has drawn it out yet.  Because I am the first person to walk this specific calling.  I was created by God for a unique purpose.  And my life is the map.  And it is still being drawn.  I am walking through the human experience, pencil and notebook in hand, writing down the course I have taken.  I am looking back over a life of faith, seeing the hand of God in every step of the way.  I never thought we would make it this far.  I see the unexpected turns we took that once seemed like major detours, and how they actually brought us into land that was fertile and fragrant and full of life.  I see valleys where we crossed through the darkest shadows only to come out on the other side where the sun was rising into good green pastures.  Deep wells, clear springs, rivers of living water.

My goal in life is to hear from God.  I aspire to wake up, lean into him, and pray for vision for this day.  (God, show us the things you want to teach us today.  Help us to learn what we need to know for our lives today.  God, show me how to focus my energy and time today.  God, lead me in this next step.  Show me where to go and show me how.) Because without him, I can’t stress to you enough how I feel the weight of every single choice. There are too many unknowns, too many consequences, too many regrets.  Too many lives at stake.

We are daily standing on the edge of a new landscape.  Oh, God, which way do we go?”

Talking about looking for wisdom for choices big and small today. Thanks for joining me!

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Show Notes:
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