A Room of My Own (And a little bit of big news for The Sacred Everyday)

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I don’t know how many times I have had a dream where I was walking through the house and I suddenly found a door I had never noticed before. I opened it up, and there was an empty room. And my heart just welled up knowing I could do anything I wanted with that space.

This week, after spending every spare minute hauling off junk, organizing toys and art and craft supplies, rearranging every other room in the entire house, I made a room of my own. Last week it was just the utility room with the AC Unit and the hot water heater and so much junk that you couldn’t even walk through. This week, it is my very own space. With a door that locks. With a bookshelf for my life’s work of journals. With an electric tea kettle and good tea. With no one else’s stuff in it. Dream come true.

I have been keeping a secret. And now, sitting in my own room, with all my journals behind me, I have the courage to tell it to you. I am creating an online course called Innermost Journaling: Mining the Depths of Your Sacred Everyday Life. I am 100% finished with all of the content, but I am currently filming videos and creating the physical layout of the course. I have never been more excited about a creative project, never so sure that I have finally hit upon the thing that I know like the back of my hand. The thing that has affected my creative and spiritual life like no other practice. I cannot wait to share more details with you.

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