Free 3-Week Creative Family Culture Curriculum for At-Home Learning (Easy, Fun, and Adaptable for All Ages)

Wishing you could gather up your family together and do something meaningful with your time at home?  Do you love the idea of art and creative play, but don’t know where to begin or how to teach it?  Are you looking for something easy, with little-to-no preparation required and no previous experience needed to teach it?  Great!  Jump in with me and get started on these 15 easy-to-implement, fun-for-the-whole-family activities. Your free 3-week Creative Arts Curriculum for at-home-learning is mapped out in this post.  All of these ideas can be completed using materials you likely already have around your house and in your backyard.  It only takes a little bit of effort to delight a child.  Pick your favorite idea to start, don’t overthink it, and enjoy!

Sending love and health and hope to all of you and to your families.  May we all wake up to the miracle of our ordinary lives today.


sensory processing scavenger hunt free printable resources outdoor activities creative family culture, creative family idea box, sacred everyday

Backyard Sensory Scavenger Hunt: Perfect for kids who love to run, jump, smell, touch, taste, and experience life with big senses.


11Create-A-Flavor Popcorn Contest: Experimenting in the kitchen has never been this fun (or yummy!)

Creative Family Coloring and Activity BookFree Printable Doodle and Activity Book: Perfect for a no-stress creative family drawing time.


instant dress up tea party, creative family culture, sacred everyday, mackenzie chesterInstant Dress-Up Tea Party: Be surprised at the spontaneous celebration you can create when you just announce the words “dress-up” and “tea party.”  Here’s how to make it fun and super-simple.

free printable handout sensory processing 5 senses list handwriting art drawingThings I Like, A Sensory Snapshot: Want to find out something you didn’t know about each person in your family?  Try this quick exercise and I guarantee you will learn something new!


Children making a hand-drawn puzzle on the back of another puzzle, Creative Family Idea Box, Creative Family Culture and the Sacred Everyday by Mackenzie ChesterDouble-the-Puzzles: Make a new puzzle out of an old puzzle!  Just put it together, flip it over, pull out the sharpies, and viola!  Here are some tips for keeping it super simple and fun.


poetry delivery project, mackenzie chester, 14 creative family ideas, homeschool, verydayPoetry Deliver Project: Make a quick recording of your children (and yourself) reading poems, and deliver them via text to friends and family.  Ask them to reply with a poem of their own and create a family poetry album of beloved voices.


paintparty3No-Stress Paint Party: My secret to the easiest-ever, no stress, no mess paint party.  So easy, you can let your kids paint at the kitchen table every single day.


Storytelling Game Handout, free printable from the Creative Family Idea Box by Mackenzie ChesterDinnertime Storytelling Game: So easy, you can play this game at your next meal.  5 minutes prep will get your family talking, laughing, and making memories around the table.


f1Treasure Hunt: Get outside, slow down, and see what treasures are in store for you.  Create an instant adventure with this simple search for beauty.


inventaholidayhandoutInvent-a-Holiday: Use this simple handout to create your own family holiday.  Work on it together or let everyone create his/her own.  This fun exercise may turn into a tradition you celebrate year after year.


kells feelingsBook of Feelings: This fun activity will become a cherished record of the feelings of your children at this moment in their lives.  So simple, so much fun.


family journal writing prompts, free printable, 7 days of free writing prompts, family time, homeschoolFamily Journal Time: Prompts for writing and sharing together as a family.


Milk Jug "Paper Dolls"Milk Jug Paper Dolls: Paperdolls that won’t tear!  Cut them out of recycled milk jugs and decorate with sharpies.  Here’s how.


words about youWords About You: Take this fun opportunity to bless and encourage each member of your family by sharing some of the things about them that you love.

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