Words About You, Creative Family Idea Box #14

words about you

This is a sweet and simple way to encourage your children and help them to know they are special and loved.  Get an envelope for each child and print his/her name on it.  Have everyone write words about each person on slips of paper and “deliver” the words to the proper envelopes.  At the end of the activity, each child (and parent!) will have their own collection of words that describe (and encourage) them.

Remind your children that they should write something good about each person.  A word that describes them (funny, fun, smart, pretty, etc.), or a phrase that tells what they like or admire about that person.  Tell them this is their chance to encourage their siblings, and to really think about something they can say that is both true and uplifting.

Words are powerful.  And sometimes, the right word at the right moment can make a huge impact on a person’s life.

So enjoy your gift of words today!  And thanks so much for tuning in these last 14 days.  It has been fun to make something every day with you.  Every day is a treasure.  Every moment is sacred.

Love and the tiny, opening, upturned faces of dogwood flowers,


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