Treasure Hunt, Creative Family Idea Box Day #13

Kids are natural treasure hunters!  Get outside, take a walk, find some woods or look in your own backyard for natural treasures.  Anything can be a treasure!  Be inspired by your children’s natural curiosity and wonder.  Find something to photograph or bring home.  Draw your treasures or write about them in a journal, or tell a story using your treasures as a plot point.  Today’s idea couldn’t be simpler.  But it feels so good to get outside and see through eyes of wonder.

Biggest feather in our collection!
So many pretty things to see…
Children are natural treasure hunters. They are always looking for beautiful things.
This find filled us all with awe.
Even the littlest in the family will enjoy looking treasure.

Hope you enjoy this simple, fun idea for family time.  We will look forward to seeing you tomorrow for our last post in the 14 Days of Creative Family Idea Box series.

Sending love and the first signs of spring from the Chester Family.


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One Comment Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    Love your family pic. You are a treasure hunting, treasure keeping family. I’ve loved these inspirations. I just might see if I can nudge my teenage boys to go on a Treasure hunting walk with me – it’s been a few years since we have done so. I can probably motivate them with food – a picnic at the end. 😉