Things I Like, a Sensory Snapshot (Creative Family Idea Box Day # 12)

free printable handout sensory processing 5 senses list handwriting art drawing
You might be surprised to find out what your family likes!  Fill out this sensory snapshot for a peek into some of the lesser-known likes of your children.  Have them write (or have little ones draw) as many things as they can think of.  (If your children need some motivation, set a timer, choose one of the senses, and see how many things they can write in 3 minutes.  Then repeat for each category.)

When you are all done filling out the handout, take a few minutes to go around the table and read your answers aloud.  Learn about the quirky likes that make up your one-of-a-kind family.

Hope you enjoy this day!  See you tomorrow, as we continue to make something everyday!



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