Invent a Holiday! Creative Family Idea Box, Day #12

Did you know every day is a holiday?  Well, it is.  Why not try inventing your own holiday, with its own customs, symbols, special foods and drinks, sayings, and traditions?  Who knows, it may become a family holiday that you celebrate every year!
invent a holiday handout free printable creative family idea box sacred everyday creative family culture mackenziechester

Click the image above and print out the Invent-a-Holiday Handout for each child (and adult!).  Have everyone fill in the details about their very own special holiday.  Have crayons, colored pencils, or markers on the table so they can illustrate their holiday at the top of the page.  Younger children simply tell their ideas to a parent or sibling who can fill out the holiday handout for them.  This is a great instant activity for the whole family!

Hope you enjoy this fun, simple idea from the Creative Family Idea Box.  See you tomorrow as we continue to make something everyday!


Mackenzie and family

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