Poetry Delivery Project, Creative Family Idea Box Day #11

This short, sweet, simple poetry project will help those you love to know you are thinking of them from afar.  Choose a poem, read it aloud, and send it via text or email to a friend or family member.  Allow each child to choose his/her own poem to send.  (Even the youngest children can choose a nursery rhyme or song to recite.)  Ask the recipients to respond by reading another poem and sending it back.  Collect these poems and create your own poetry audio collection of the voices you love best!  (This would make a great soundtrack to play at night for little ones before bed.)

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A few words about poetry…  
Not sure where to start?  Grab a children’s poetry book (or do a search online to find a family-friendly collections of poems), read, and have each person pick one they enjoy. You don’t have to be a poetry expert.  Just enjoy the rhythm, the sounds, and the imagery.  And when a poem strikes a chord with you, you will know it!  There is no wrong way to do this.  Want to share song lyrics?  A chapter of a favorite book?  Go for it!

And about recording…
Use a voice recording app on your phone (such as Voice Memos) to make this process incredibly easy.  When you are done, you can just text or email it directly from your phone.

For extra fun:
Draw an illustration to go with each poem, copy the poems by hand, and create a family poetry book to go along with your Poetry Audio Collection.

Thanks for stopping in!  See you tomorrow, where we continue to make something every day!


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