No-Stress Paint Party, Creative Family Idea Box Day #8

paintparty3You know why I love watercolors so much?  Because it just doesn’t matter how big the mess is.  If there are any spills, it is just water!  There is no reason painting can’t be a regular part of a child’s life.

Surprise your children with a paint party!  Set the table with brushes, watercolors (even cheap Crayola sets will work just fine), some paper (plain white or card stock if you have it), and some cups of water, and be amazed at how inspiring it is to sit at the table with young artists and paint.

Some children will love to paint from their imaginations.  Others may enjoy painting in a coloring book.  (Those detailed coloring books with heavy paper are perfect for this!)  I love to paint my children’s pen drawings.  They are the best coloring pages I can imagine.

Have fun.  Play.  Make something everyday.

Sending you love from all the Chesters.  We hope you are enjoying our 14 days of the Creative Family Idea Box.

See you tomorrow!

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creative family culture, sacred everyday, watercolors by children
I asked Paloma to draw some pictures in my sketchbook for me to paint.  I love this one.  I feel like painting my children’s drawings makes me appreciate their unique artwork in a whole new way.  I get to experience every line and collaborate with them to make something beautiful.

Have fun.  Play.  Make something everyday.

Love from all of us here at Creative Family Idea Box.

See you tomorrow!


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