Free Doodle and Activity Book, Creative Family Idea Box Day #6

Creative Family Coloring and Activity BookI am so happy to share these fun doodle and coloring pages with you!  I had to hide these drawings, because my children kept asking me if they could have them.  I told them they would have to wait till morning, and I would print them all out their own books.  I have posted 5 doodle pages here for download.  Just click on the picture and it will take you to an image page that you can print out.  If you would like to download the free pdf file of the 18-page booklet, the link is at the end of this post.  Draw faces for these animalsdreaming catDraw the people who are wearing these clothesDraw 10 things you like in these balloonsIf you would like to download the pdf of the full 18-page doodle book, just enter your name and email in the boxes below, and I will send you an instant reply with the full 18-page pdf book.  This will also subscribe you to my blog, which means you will get an email when new posts are published, and you’ll never miss an idea from the Creative Family Idea Box!  In your welcome email, you will also receive links to the Paper Doll Club Coloring Book(over 40 paper dolls to color, print, and play with…) as well as Writing Down Life (a quick start guide to journaling).  Love from our family to yours!  Hope you enjoy this day’s fun idea and that you keep tuning in to make something every day with us.(For your free doodle book, submit your email below!)

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