Dinnertime Storytelling Game, Creative Family Idea Box Day #5

You are five minutes away from a dinner full of family stories that you have likely never heard!  This is a super-simple Storytelling Game that you can play at your next meal.  Just click the Storytelling Game image, print it, cut out the words and put them in a bowl.   During your meal, take turns passing the bowl, drawing a word, and giving a quick story of a memory that you have associated with the word.  You may be surprised at what you hear!

Storytelling Game Handout, free printable from the Creative Family Idea Box by Mackenzie Chester

A few thoughts about sharing stories:
There is no wrong way to tell a story.  Some people are natural storytellers and they will have a lot to say about any word.  Others may need some time to think about it and may just say a few words.  If you have young children and they can’t think of personal memories associated with a certain word, let them draw again.  It doesn’t have to even be a memory that they share.  Any thought associated with the word is great conversation.  And if another person has a story based on a previous word, let them share!  The goal is to talk and listen, to share thoughts, feelings, and memories.  Use these words as a starting point, and when you run out, have your children write words on paper to add to the bowl.  You will be surprised how easily words can spark a memory for a story to tell!

Hope you enjoy this idea from the Creative Family Idea Box.  Join us tomorrow for more inspiration, as we make something every day together!

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