Big Announcement from The Chester Family!

Creative Family Culture and the Sacred Everyday
Lean in and hear some big news from the Chester Family!  (This is an old journal that I made from cereal boxes and grocery bags.  I have always loved these beautiful gossiping ladies with bird nest hats.  Don’t you want to know what they are saying???)

Well, the day is here that I share something big that is happening to our family.

After years of wrestling with a vision of a more creative life, showing up season by season to journal, write, make art, make music, encourage my husband in his incredible music, support our children through homeschool and giving them the time and tools to be inspired and to make things, this week I did something big.

This big thing has the power to change the rhythms of our life, to open doors for us to share our music, writing, and creative ideas with a wider audience, and to sow the themes that are present in all of our art and writing into the earth and watch them grow.

This week, I added a button on my blog that allows our readers and fans to join us in the work we are doing.  If you have been touched by my writing or our music, and if you want to support our family as we continue to step further into the calling that is on our lives to share what only we can share, now you can be a part of this story as it unfolds!

I joined Patreon this week, which is a site that helps people like us by giving our readers the opportunity to show support in a way that can make a huge difference.  If you have ever wished you could do something to help us spread our writing and music, a small donation through Patreon can have a huge impact on our day-to-day life.

Patreon is different than other platforms because it is a slow-and-steady support.  For the price of a cup of coffee to go ($2) each month, you can help us build a framework that can support the growing needs of our family.  By honoring the work we have already done through your contribution, you can bless us greatly by freeing up our time and energy to focus on what we do best–art, music, writing, and sharing.

As of today, I have written 188 posts on my blog, which are the bones of two books-in-progress.  I have also published two free downloads for our subscribers–the Paper Doll Club Coloring Book and a mini-book called Writing Down Life: Become a Lifelong Journaler in 10 Minutes a Day.  My blog accounts for hundreds and probably thousands of hours of my life.  Every post is an effort that I feel I must make because these messages about the beauty of everyday life with children just feel like they have to be said.  I am married to a prolific and gifted songwriter who has songs waiting in the queue to be turned into youtube videos that I am giddy for him to share.  We have children with a love for music, art, and writing, and we want to work together to share the ideas that we love and we think you will love too.

So, this is where I have a question for you.  If you have been touched by our writing or music, or if you want to see more flowing out of the Chester family, or wonder how you could help us spread our message more widely, would you consider making a small monthly contribution to Creative Family Culture and the Sacred Everyday?  Check out our Patreon page to see how you can help us meet some goals and share more.  Upcoming plans involve our children in sharing their creative processes and projects as well as some online live concert events and read-alouds coming soon.  I would love for you to read about how you can partner with us and help us reach these goals.  There is no donation that is too small to make a difference for us.

If you are still reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in our family and in the work we are doing.  Thank you for honoring the hours we have already spent in sharing this message, and in so doing, allowing us to free up time and energy to share more.

So much love and gratitude,