Slowing Down This Christmas Season (Creative Family Advent 2018)

Christmas is coming, and I am longing to anticipate it with more wonder and joy.  With slowness and purpose, deep gratitude and a supernatural ability to see beyond the busyness into the sacred.  I want us to savor these days as a family and make memories that will last well after the childhood years have passed.

And so…  I have been really excited to revisit last year’s Creative Family Advent post, and even more excited to think of how my children will love these activities this time around.  If you are looking for some creative ideas for how to savor the season this year with your family, I hope you will find some here. Don’t feel pressure to get them all done!  Look over the list, and see if there are a few ideas you’d like to incorporate into your family routine this December.  These are easy, no-prep-necessary, no-previous-knowledge-needed-activities.  I wanted to make it simple for you (and for myself!).  I hope you find some great ideas that will become lasting Christmas traditions in this post:  The Creative Family Advent: 25 Days of Savoring The Season.

Here are a few pics from last December.  Sending you love, peace, joy, and inspiration this beautiful season.  And the hope that we will all continue to find the sacred in the everyday.



Found Object Nativity
Found Object Nativity Scene (Day 1 Creative Family Advent)
kids nativity
Happy kids have just created their Found Object Nativity Scene
Listening to The Nutcracker and Enjoying the Paper Doll Club Coloring Pages
senses list
Brainstorms from Senses of Christmas List.  (Sights of Christmas)

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