Writing Down Life, A Guide to Becoming a Lifelong Journaler in 10 Minutes a Day

how to journal, free pdf booklet by Mackenzie ChesterHello!  I have been so pleased with the response to my new little booklet that was recently published on my blog called Writing Down Life, a Guide to Becoming a Lifelong Journaler in 10 Minutes a Day.  This is a free gift for all of my subscribers, and I would love to gift it to you as well.

This booklet gives practical advice for starting the lifelong habit of writing down your story.  It covers topics like how to get started, what to write about, what to do when you can’t think of anything to write, how to keep up your writing momentum day after day, and more.  It lays down some really basic principles that will make journal-keeping an automatic and essential part of your everyday life.

If you would like a free copy of this book delivered to your email inbox, just subscribe to my blog below and you will be directed to the link.  Thanks so much for your interest.  I hope this is a help to you, and that it will get you started (today!) writing the story that only you can write.



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