Why Keeping a Journal Will Never Be On My Resolutions List

It is nearly the New Year, and yes, I have a list of things I want to incorporate into my life as a part of the new-and-improved-and-trying-again-to-get-it-right me.  A very long list.  But I will tell you one thing that is not on my list this year.  It wasn’t on my list last year.  And I am certain it will never ever be there.

This is what is not ever going to show up on my resolutions list:


I am passionate about never letting this word show up when I’m writing down resolutions.  The reason is simple.

 I will never stop writing my life down, so I will never have to remind myself to start again.

Journaling has changed my life so deeply that as long as I have the capacity to hold a pen and move it across the page, I will write.

My journals are the thread of the real me that is stitched through every change I experience as a mother, a wife, a woman, and a human being.  I can look back and remember who I was and why.  I can see how far God has brought me.  I catch glimmers of who I truly am through the process and daily practice of writing down my thoughts.

Journaling is the heartbeat of my creative life.  Every good idea I have ever had either started on the page or was directly transferred from mind to paper.  (((And any idea that I didn’t write down is gone forever!)))

My journal is the mirror of my soul.  

It is so easy to get bogged down in wordless thoughts and let them cloud up my mind until I don’t even recognize myself in this often-times crazy, messy, chaotic life.  Assigning words to those thoughts is like clearing the fog on the mirror.  I can see myself more clearly.  I remember my face.

journals by Mackenzie Chester

If this post resonates with you, and you would like to give journaling a try but don’t know where to start, I would like to give a gift to you!  I have just published a printable booklet called Writing Down Life, A Guide to Becoming a Lifelong Journaler in 10 Minutes a Day.   In this little guide, I  will jumpstart you into the simple process of journaling– writing your story, ten minutes a day, one day at a time.  This book is a free download for all of my subscribers.  Just sign up below and you will be sent the free pdf link.  Thanks for reading this post and for walking alongside me and my family as we are building a creative family culture and searching for (and finding) meaning in the everyday ordinary moments of this beautiful life.  

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deirdre Collins says:

    Hi, MacKenzie 🙂

    Please send me the pdf link for your journaling guide. Started Journaling again after many years…

    Blessings to your beautiful family!


    1. mackenziechester says:

      Hey Deirdre! Great to hear from you. Hope you and your family are well. I sent you an email, but I am not sure if you got it. I would be happy to share this guide with you. If you type in your email at the bottom of the page (to subscribe), the booklet will be delivered to your email inbox. Let me know if you have any trouble. Love to all of you!