Share a Story: Creative Family Advent Day 2

share a storyHave your children read a story, record it, and text it to a friend or family member today!  Ask them to send you a story back.  Kind of like pen pals, but with audio.  This is what we are doing for Day 2 of The Creative Family Advent.

I love hearing these little voices.  Maybe if you get a little collection going (if each child reads and gets stories back in response!), you could burn all the stories to a disc and give them away as Christmas story compilations to friends and family.

If you are interested in following the Creative Family Advent: 25 Days of Savoring the Season, then you can read all the upcoming days’ activities here.  

Thanks so much for all the people who posted or sent me pics of your Found Object Nativity Scene!  These were so great!!!  If you missed this activity, give it a try.  It felt like a great way to start Advent.

Thanks for walking this journey with us!  Remember that the best way to stay connected is to subscribe to the blog (below).

Mackenzie and Family

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