Having Children: A Spiritual Journey

Over the last few weeks, I have been rereading old blog posts and speculating about my life.  The past year has been both incredibly sweet and difficult, trying to balance daily life with six young children with all the demands of three meals a day, the never-ending laundry, growing a home business, homeschool, planning for the future, making it through each day, etc., etc.  I have wrestled with thoughts of how I, of all people, would actually believe I could have something useful to share in my writing.  Sometimes I feel like the best I can do for my own family is pray, “God, this is not working!!!  Please help me find something that will work for us in this season.”  But I am beginning to see that this is the true insight–because God, in His mercy, season by season, is bringing us through.  And it is good.

Reading through old posts, I was deeply touched to see the work that God has done in my life through bringing each of our children into the world.  He has changed me at the most profound level.  The lessons that I have learned in pregnancy and childbirth are literally imprinted upon my heart.  They cannot be unlearned.  They cannot be forgotten.

I was truly encouraged to remember from where God has brought me.  I was so shortsighted.  I never saw this family coming.  But God has led me gently to this point.  It has been the sweetest joy and greatest struggle of my life.

I have collected some of my writings about pregnancy and birth here: Pregnancy and Birth and would love to share my stories with you.  I hope they are an encouragement to you if you are in this season yourself, or if you remember a time when you were.  God is with us.



IMG_1936(The cover of my birth journal for Heidi Wren, 2015)

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