It is such a mercy that life unfolds before us.  Ten years ago, if I had seen a photograph of my future-self this morning, driving along in a 15-passenger van with six children ages nine and under, I would have asked what any other stranger wants to know: Are they all mine?!

And the answer probably would have terrified me.


Here we are, almost fourteen years into this marriage, with a completely different set of goals and ambitions for our lives.  We have shed the skins of our early dreams.  They just weren’t big enough for raising a family in.

We are learning to walk at a slower pace, to center our lives more and more at home, to find meaning in what unfolds around us.

Hoping to hang out a little more here on the blog in the weeks ahead and share some of the cool things happening in our lives, big and small.  Thanks for staying connected with our family.

Sending you love and life unfolding,